Know how you may avoid foodborne diseases this holiday season

If you're eating out this holiday season, make sure the restaurant you're going to is safe from disease-causing bacteria. Here's how.
Date Posted: Dec 9, 2015

MANILA -- It will be a busy time for restaurants as they prepare for various Christmas celebrations this holiday season.

However, eating outside may put a person's health at risk if restaurants fail to practice proper care in preparing food.

That's why restaurant owner Frances Santos makes sure they only serve fresh food. Frances adds, it's equally important to take care of how food is prepared.

"Yung mga nagamit namin sa pagprepera ng mga pagkain ay malinis bago at pagkatapos na gamitin."

This is important in making sure food is safe from bacteria since foodborne diseases may be acquired if it is not handled properly.

"Kung hindi maganda yung tubig na ginamit, cholera naman. I-ensure natin yung food safety," adds Josefina Gonzales, a nutritionist from the Department of Science and Technology.

Food poisoning is also possible, which can cause vomiting, dizziness, stomach ache, and diarrhea.

Microbiologist Dr. Windell Rivera meanwhile recommends using a liquid soap with antibacterial property to decrease the microbial load in plates and utensils.