Molds in chocolate may put your health at risk

Chocolate residue on plates, if not washed properly, may attract molds which could put your health at risk.
Date Posted: Nov 27, 2015

MANILA -- Like many kids, Tiffany Agravante's son is fond of eating candies, cakes, and chocolates.

To avoid contamination, she makes sure to wash their dishes thoroughly using a bar soap. She soaks the dishes in water since chocolate residue tends to stick on plates.

"Dahil nga bareta, kumakapit minsan yung amoy, kaya ang ginagawa ko paulit-ulit," she said.

But after closer inspection using a microscope, her kitchen sponge was found to have germs and bacteria.

"Sa tatlong beses na hugas ko, may dumi pa rin."

Microbiologist Dr. Windell Rivera warns, chocolates, if left for an extended period of time, may attract molds. These molds can cause an allergic reaction. Worse, if mycotoxins enter the body, it can lead to food poisoning and neurological disorders.

Rivera suggested using a liquid soap with antibacterial property to avoid contamination brought by molds in chocolates.

"Primary function niyan ay i-reduce iyong microbial load, number ng microorganisms sa isang bagay na hinuhugasan mo," he said.