Proper hygiene may help save you money

Practicing good personal hygiene can help you save money in the long run. Find out how.
Date Posted: Nov 26, 2015

MANILA -- Helen Amin spent close to P21,000 in hospital fees when her daughter was hospitalized. The child was hospitalized for 3 weeks because of a stomach ache.

"Sinugod ko po sa doktor kasi nagtae. Na-admit po siya," Helen recalls.

Dr. Rey Salinel, an infectious disease expert says the chances of this happening could have easily been reduced if Helen encouraged her daughter to practice proper hygiene.

"Iwas bisyo, masustansyang pagkain, ehersisyo, importante malinis ang kamay kaysa naman magkasakit ka," he said.

In the country, a room in a public hospital could cost anywhere from P400 to P3,000. A room in a private hospital meanwhile, can cost up to P24,000 a day. Hospital fees will also depend on the kind of room you choose, which could potentially raise the prices even more.

That's why, Dr. Salinel says, personal hygiene is important because it helps reduce the likeliness of being sick. Using soap with an antibacterial property could help defend the body against disease-causing bacteria.

Now, Helen sees to it that she uses this kind of soap.

"Healthy na po 'yung mga katawan ng aking anak. Bago kumain,
hinuhugasan ko po sila ng kamay," she said.