Date Posted: 07-30-2013
Epsom salt is an organic salt which contains magnesium. Photo captured from Salamat Dok.


MANILA, Philippines -- This kind of salt is gaining popularity as it is used for hydrotherapy, foot salting and body hot bath.

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate, an essential substance that can help the body systems function well.


In an interview with ABS-CBN program Salamat Dok, alternative medicine expert Dr. Harris Acero explained that magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells.

He added that when magnesium in the body depletes, cells, as well as the tissues, organs, and body systems, will malfunction.

Depletion of magnesium in human body is often caused by too much intake of foods that are rich in calcium, fatty foods, and sweets.

However, when one's body systems can function well, it will be able to fight infections.

One can maintain or improve the level of his or her magnesium in the body through the foot or body salting hydrotherapy.


According to Dr. Acero, a fifteen to twenty-minute soaking of the feet into warm water containing an epsom salt solution will maintain the magnesium level of the body.

A cup of epsom salt dissolved in water is good for foot salting therapy.

The doctor also advised body salting therapy.

Two cups of epsom salt dissolved in a bath tub or in any container that will fit the whole body is enough for body salting therapy.

With these processes, magnesium sulfate reduces striated muscle contractions and blocks peripheral neuromuscular transmission by reducing acetylcholine release in the body.

Other uses of epsom salt

Other wellness experts say that magnesium sulfate or epsom salt can also be used in other ways to improve one's health condition.

Epsom salt can be used as a treatment for body pains, as a facial wash, and as a laxative.

It can also be used for better sleep, as a sunburn relief, as a headache relief, and for skin exfoliating.

Epsom salt can be used as fertilizer to plants, hair spray, lotion, and tile cleaner, as well.