Date Posted: 05-08-2013
Sudden weather changes can cause different kinds of illnesses. Photo captured from Pamilya OnGuard newscast.



MANILA, Philippines – The sudden changes in the weather not only cause discomfort to Filipinos, they may also cause respiratory illnesses and infections.


The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, or PAGASA compares what’s happening to our climate to a person having a slight fever, with the Earth’s heat slowly increasing overtime.


This contributes to the rain showers and thunderstorms that the Philippines is experiencing, especially in the afternoon.


There will come a time when the Earth’s heat would be too much to bear, adds PAGASA Climate Section Chief Rosalina De Guzman.

“Mas umiinit ang dagat at temperatura ng mundo, pwede mabuo ay yung very strong tropical cyclone”, adds De Guzman.

Furthermore, the dry concrete roads and walls in urban areas also add up to the intense heat.

The sudden changes in temperature and weather in the country cause germs and bacteria to multiply at a faster pace.

Weather changes and illnesses

Medical experts warn the public to be prepared for the possible spread of diseases due to weather changes. People of any age are susceptible to illnesses, especially respiratory infections.

Some of the diseases caused by viruses and bacteria are coughs, colds, rhinitis, fever, sore throat, and even influenza.

Dr. Imelda Mateo, a pulmonologist, also advises those with respiratory conditions, like asthma, to be extra careful during this season.

“Kada 1 degree increase sa temperatura, the number of deaths sa may respiratory illness increases 6 times,” adds Dr. Mateo.

Practicing proper hygiene and boosting one’s immunity remains to be the best ways to combat diseases caused by sudden weather changes.

It is also better to always bring an umbrella when going out. A hand sanitizer also comes in handy when soap and water are unavailable, especially after coming from a crowded place.

Sudden weather changes cannot be avoided, but keeping your body strong and healthy is your best armor against illnesses that the weather brings.