Date Posted: 05-03-2013
These creepy crawlers can cause serious illnesses. Photo captured from Pamilya OnGuard newscast.


MANILA, Philippines -- They’re small, they smell weird and they can be found in almost every home. Cockroaches are common mainstays in every household, just like our pet cats and dogs.


There are more than 5,000 species of cockroaches worldwide, and most species of cockroaches thrive in tropical areas, such as the Philippines.


People often disregard insects like cockroaches and flies, but experts explain that the diseases caused by these insects can be fatal.


Cockroaches roam around the house to look for food. They tend to stay in places where there is a steady supply of food all the time, which makes the kitchen a perfect hideout for them.


Some of the life-threatening diseases known to be spread by cockroaches are dysentery, shigellosis, cholera, diarrhea, polio myelitis, salmonella infection, typhoid and amoebiasis.




Cockroaches carry germs from all the dirty items and places that they’ve been to.


Germs stick to their legs, which would then be transferred to household items as they roam around the house.


Kitchen sinks, bathrooms, garbage bins and even drawers and closets are perfect breeding ground for cockroaches.


Dr. Rey Salinel adds that no amount of insecticide is enough to keep cockroaches at bay, so the perfect method to prevent getting diseases from cockroaches is to ensure that all items in the kitchen, especially those used for cooking and eating, are always clean.


Mothers know that having cockroaches at home is inevitable. Maintaining cleanliness inside the house, especially in the kitchen, is the best way to combat these creepy crawlers.