Date Posted: 08-01-2013
Hard plastic containers priced P60, empty vinegar or soy sauce jugs, duct tape, sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers can save your lives. Photo courtesy of Rem Zamora

MANILA, Philippines— In case of emergency and shortage of supplies, everyday objects that are lying around your homes can save your lives.

Instead of purchasing expensive life-saving devices for a rainy day, why not look around your house?

Hard plastic containers, empty vinegar or soy sauce jugs, duct tape, sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers can save your lives.

Buying expensive kits are questionable when you get to know how to use these objects in the aftermath of a disaster.

During the Bayan Mo iPatrol Mo “Paghahanda sa Sakuna” training at the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) headquarters, it was taught that these used jugs can serve as floaters to balance off a provisional raft.

These jugs are not only conventional and practical, but also waterproof, which is why it is perfect to use in such conditions.

According to PCG Special Medical Assistance Response Team (SMART) head Dr. Ted Esguerra, there are ways to cover a possibly deadly wound by using sanitary napkins, baby diapers, duct tape and a zip-lock.

A sanitary napkin over a wound sealed by a duct tape can absorb blood more quickly that an expensive medical plaster.

Also, a condom can be a waterproof instant bag for small electronics when you have to battle a flood.

A 150-peso fire starter can provide light longer than an average flashlight that requires batteries.

Chocolate bars can also give you energy that can sustain you for days.

Other necessities are multi-blade tools that can be bought for around 100 pesos in places like in Divisoria.

A whistle is also needed in order to conserve energy and serve as a warning signal for rescuers. Not only that, it can also help scare off attackers.

“I don’t want you going around like it was the end of the world,” according to Esguerra.

Instead, these are just tips on how to have an emergency kit as at home.

These everyday objects can help protect your family and save your lives in times of dire need due to disasters or calamities.

Other emergency stuff include toys for children, malong, a plastic poncho that can serve as a tent, a transistor radio with extra batteries, water in clear containers, and crayons.

Why crayons? Crayons can be used to write or convey a message for the rescuers.

You should also avoid keeping canned goods with high-sodium content because it can aggravate thirst. Water-based tuna is a safer choice.

More disaster tips

Esguerra debunked the idea of crawling under a table to save your lives during an earthquake, in fact, he said that you should hug a wall and find “the void” or “the triangle of life.”

Most of the structures collapse in the middle that is why it is better to kneel beside a wall. Being near a wall can save you.

During every disaster, Esguerra also stressed the importance of having a list of numbers of medical facilities and law enforcement units within a 5-kilometer radius.-With reports from Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo, ABS-CBN News